Only WakePark in Cumbria is at Port Haverigg

Cumbria’s very first and only WakePark has just opened its doors! Guess where?! Yes, at our stunning Port Haverigg Marina Village Holiday Park! Where else?!

Port Haverigg Watersports was taken by storm by ex-competition wakeboarder Nicola Cuthbert and husband James, owner of Abicool UK, in partnership with Lee Warren and partner Leanne Swales, who have been coaching and organising world-class events and competitions for the past 15 years.


The facilities on site were massively updated with the installation of a WakeStation – a two tower cable pulley system which enables the wakeboarders to be towed up and down without the use of a boat, making your beginner lessons much easier – and a WakePark, which is very similar to a skateboard park, with kickers and rails for progressing riders. Our experts told this magazine that kiteboarders find it particularly useful as a learning tool for board control along with learning tricks when the weather conditions are not great for kiteboarding. On the other hand, snowboarders enjoy its rail park side to practice their skills throughout the summer.

Cumbria’s first and brand new WakePark is also one of only a few places in the UK that run both boat and cable boat towed sports such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakeskating, kneeboarding, banana, ringo and boat rides.

Port Haverigg Watersports is open every day, all year round, and it is set to start making some waves!

To book a session with Port Haverigg Watersports experienced team, call 07840502091 or 07767689896. And to book your stay with us at this fantastic park, make sure you call our friendly team on 0844 567 0011.


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