Pemberton Leisure Homes

Pemberton Holiday Homes has always been at the forefront of advances in the design and development of the caravan holiday home concept. In the mid 1980′s the company was one of the first to introduce 12ft wide models and to develop models specifically designed for wheelchair users and those with special needs, a sector in which the Pemberton Sovereign model remains the acknowledged benchmark. Pemberton were also among the first to offer a full range of models suited to extended seasonal use with the benefits of increased insulation, double glazing and central heating. In the 1990′s Pemberton extended the boundaries of caravan holiday home design still further with the introduction of both 13ft and 14ft wide models represented in our latest models the Park Lane/ Knightsbridge ranges respectively.

With no less than 27 models on offer and available on any of our Holiday parks we are sure you will find a combination that suites your needs and desires. All Pemberton Leisure homes, from their static caravans for sale, to their luxury lodge ranges are available on all our Holiday parks throughout the UK.