Because family always comes first!

Wyldecrest Parks Charitable Trust was initially born of the desire to do more for the communities living within the over 50 mobile home parks across the UK, specially designed for the retired and semi-retired, belonging to Wyldecrest Parks’ portfolio.

The dream became bigger and expanded to the local communities around those same Wyldecrest parks. There, we look to work closely with other charities, local councils, schools and other organisations to identify those in need by reason of ill-health, disability or other similar disadvantage and who, through financial hardship, cannot access the appropriate health care to relieve illness and sickness.

At the same time, we continue with the initiatives already started by Wyldecrest Parks, working alongside other amazing charities to enrich the lives of young and elderly people with serious and life threatening illnesses by funding holiday breaks for them and their families.

We are a new charity, but with the help of our friends and supporters we hope to soon build up a solid reputation for delivering help where our communities need it most, quickly and efficiently. We’re here to do our best and to make a difference!


With a focus on Wyldecrest Parks residents, their families, and the local communities within which our Parks are situated, our Wyldecrest Parks Charitable Trust aspires to help children and elderly people suffering from life threatening health conditions by providing:

• health care and equipment
• family breaks at our Holiday Parks

For more information, please visit our Charity website.

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