In our latest blog we show you the best of the best for your perfect Cornwall coastal retreat at Seaview Holiday Park.

Seaview Holiday Park

Seaview Holiday Park, nestled in Cornwall’s stunning landscapes, offers a luxurious escape for families and nature enthusiasts alike.  

This tranquil haven is not just your gateway to relaxation but also adventure in a location set against the backdrop of Cornwall’s picturesque countryside and breathtaking coastal views. Here’s why Seaview Holiday Park stands out as a prime destination for those seeking a memorable holiday. 


At Seaview Holiday Park, guests are welcomed to a world where comfort meets natural beauty. The park boasts an array of fabulous lodges and plots, available for both rental and purchase. Whether you’re looking for a cosy caravan or a luxurious lodge, Seaview Holiday Park ensures your stay is nothing short of perfect. Our lodges, fitted with modern amenities, promise a comfortable stay for up to six guests, making them perfect for families and friends. 


The park features a stunning outdoor swimming pool, a new play park for children and dog-friendly accommodation, ensuring every family member has a place to relax and enjoy one of Cornwall’s best kept secrets. For those who love the outdoors, the camping fields offer a unique experience, allowing guests to camp out among the flowers and large granite rocks or in wild camping areas with fantastic views. 


Seaview Holiday Park prides itself on being set in unspoilt countryside, with golden sandy beaches and breathtaking views of the west coast just a stone’s throw away. Spread over 12.5 acres of landscaped grounds, this medium-sized park offers a tranquil retreat. Whether it’s an exhilarating day surfing and bodyboarding at Sennen Cove, exploring theme parks or embarking on coastal walks with stunning views, Seaview Holiday Park positions you perfectly to make your holiday memorable in every way. 


The village of Sennen and its beautiful cove provide a gateway to Cornwall’s rich heritage and natural beauty. From the artistic Capstan Gallery to the historical trails leading to the Mayon Cliff Old Coastguard Lookout, Sennen enriches your stay with culture, history and stunning landscapes. Not to forget the vibrant life at Sennen Cove, where cafés, pubs and surf centres line the beach and entice you to soak up the local culture.  


The allure of Seaview Holiday Park stretches well beyond its boundaries, providing visitors with a wealth of nearby attractions just a short distance away. 

Land’s End: Just a mile from Seaview Holiday Park, Land’s End is Britain’s most westerly point, where the land meets the vast Atlantic. It’s a place of rugged beauty and natural wonder, offering breathtaking cliffside views and a sense of unbridled adventure. While it’s a hotspot for tourists, the iconic signpost, dramatic landscapes and the sense of standing at the edge of the world make it a must-visit. 

The Minack Theatre: An open-air theatre like no other, carved into the granite cliffs overlooking the azure waters of Porthcurno Bay and just three miles from Seaview Holiday Park. The Minack Theatre offers a cultural feast against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. With a diverse programme of theatre, opera and musical performances, experiencing a show here is truly magical. 

St Michael’s Mount: Rising majestically from the sea, 12 miles from Seaview Holiday Park, this island sanctuary is a sight to behold. Accessible by foot at low tide or by boat at high tide, St Michael’s Mount invites you to explore its medieval castle, sub-tropical gardens and the quaint village that graces its slopes. It’s a place where history and legends entwine and offers a glimpse into Cornwall’s past. 

Porthcurno and the Telegraph Museum: A tropical oasis of a beach coupled with the historical significance of the Telegraph Museum makes Porthcurno, just four miles from Seaview Holiday Park, a fascinating stop. The museum offers insights into the global communications revolution, starting from this picturesque corner of Cornwall. 

Mousehole: This charming fishing village, with its narrow streets, ancient harbour and vibrant community life, is a picturesque representation of Cornwall’s coastal charm. Famous for its Christmas lights and rich maritime history, Mousehole offers a tranquil escape with delightful shops, galleries and eateries to explore. It’s also just 10 miles from Seaview Holiday Park. 

Exploring the Heritage Coast: The Southwest Coast Path provides endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Whether you’re walking towards the rugged beauty of Porthgwarra or setting your sights on the historical landmarks of Logan Rock, each step unveils a part of Cornwall’s stunning coastline. 

From the dramatic cliffs of Land’s End to the cultural wonders of the Minack Theatre and the historical allure of St Michael’s Mount, there’s a wealth of experiences waiting to be discovered. We invite you to venture beyond the cove and immerse yourself in the unmissable attractions that make Cornwall a cherished destination.

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