My Garden


Some excellent Gardening tips, pictures & ideas from the lovely Jerry Cronshaw (Resident -Bradgate Park, Margate). Thanks Jerry for sharing this. Your garden looks gorgeous!

A possible idea for container gardening, regarding tomatoes, in particular.

Split down the middle a bag of compost along the short side, then fold it in half to give two equal parts. Make drainage holes through the bottom and sides. Plant one tomato in each side. This has the effect of the roots going deeper as they grow down, rather than across with using a growbag. Also, easier to water this way, won’t wash the compost away from the plants and takes up less space than a conventional growbag.

Just some odd pictures of my garden.

Everything is grown from seeds collected or cuttings taken- I can’t really see the point, or the enjoyment from just buying pots and plants, then thinking that makes a wonderful display
I spend about a tenner a year on 3 bags of compost for growing plants. I walk around the site occasionally, and if I see something that takes my fancy, I ask the owner if I can take seeds or cuttings- this has the good knock-on effect that people come and see the garden to visit the offspring of their plants, and it encourages them to become more involved.


Bradgate Holiday Park is sandwiched between some of England’s most beautiful sandy beaches. The park is located just two miles from the golden sands of Margate, Botany Bay and Joss Bay.

Margate is on England’s southeast coast. It’s known for its sandy beach, the modern Turner Contemporary art gallery and the popular Dreamland amusement park and entertainment centre which is based on a traditional British seaside funfair.

Broadstairs which is rim-full of nostalgic, old-world, seaside charm is a short ten minute drive from the park. Sandy bays meet surf schools. Fishermen’s cottages meet Charles Dickens connections. Retro ice-cream parlours meet chic shops. Relaxed and unspoilt, this is the perfect place for chilled-out, family-friendly fun and a great place for long walks along Kent’s Saxon Shoreline.

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